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New Arrivals

June 30th, 2020 - ~300+ classic rock titles most original pressings. Everything Mint - or sealed MoFi

May 20th, 2020 - ~400 classic rock, blues and punk LP's. 150 CD's, 75  45's

April 19th, 2019 - ~300 piece collection of interesting pop culture soundtracks.

March 19th - ~200 piece collection of rare and classic blues. Lots of original pressings. Rockabilly, obscure 70's/80's rock.

February 19th - High quality collection of 70's rock, blues, audiophile jazz.


October 26th, 2018 - Great collection of 60's and 70's records. Approx. 500 records - all 1st pressings - mainly classic rock. Lots of clean 1st pressing Beatles records!

October 19th - A nicely curated and quite "complete" Elvis collection. Nice clean copies of nearly all of the RCA LP's. Several early picture sleeve 45's and EP's. Lots of Elvis memorabilia!

October 7th - 70's and 80's -  of rock, a little prog, lots of 12" singles - hip-hop, rap and house

September 15th - Huge collection of 70's, jazz, rock, imports and punk rarities. About 500 records. 

August 16th -  Around 400 records...lots of classic rock. Most are original pressings and all are clean. Also many Sheffield Lab editions, many are sealed.


June 24th - 100 piece blues collection. Lots of small label titles: early Delmark, early Blind Pig, Alligater, Blue Thumb, etc. All are M- or better.

June 20th - Great collection of staples...Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones. Most are original pressings in M- condition. Some 80's rock and a few obscure soundtracks. Approx. 100 records.

June 15th  Nice collection of small label Blues, Western Swing, and Zydeco. All in nice condition...approx 150 records.

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